Saturday, January 3, 2009

Faith to hear and listen to your Heart

Funny how we tend to think other people know better than us, even when it comes to stuff in our own lives. Growing up with chaos or abuse makes us feel our own voice can't be trusted.

Truth: Trust your heart. Let it lead and guide you. In the words of the snuggly commercial; "Breathe deeply." Then sit quiet and listen. Let your heart speak. Trust what it says in spite of outside voices trying to tell you differently. Move forward with what you hear.

People have their own agendas when they tell us what they think is best for us. A small group will want our highest good but others may operate out of jealousy, their own fears, their own limitations etc. Learn to fly on your own. Believe in your voice!!!

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Karen said...

I have only read a few of your posts, but I can tell you are such an inspiration...will definitely be back to read more later....