Friday, February 5, 2010


"Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up the fight." Bob Marley
 I never knew I had rights. In fact I believed I didn't even have the right to exist. This week....someone asked me to post only the positive....things about my kids and not the pain of what happened.

It's taken me a long time to tell what I never own look at it head on and not run. The shame lived inside, crippling....keeping me from living my best life. This past year.....writing...blogging...I could feel the shame leaving. I've learned something through blogging....I have the right to my voice.....I have the right to say what I need....I have the right to tell what happened.

I had been silenced by shame. It did cripple me...kept me stuck. I couldn't look people in their eyes and worse....have them look in mine. I never stayed anywhere long enough to let anyone get close. I still struggle with that...I have to force myself to be with people. But writing....blogging....helps me. It frees me. 

Before my book went to print...I spoke to a lawyer. She told me I have the right to tell my story. I have a right to speak my truth. I have a right to not keep silent anymore. Tell and keep on telling she said.

I need to tell. I carried it alone too long. I kept it secret....not letting anyone know. I can't anymore.


Just Be Real said...

Yes, you have the right my dear! God has answered your right! You are touching the individuals that so need to hear and read what you have experienced! You are right on course. You are a light in a dark world dear one. ((((Sarah))))

Denise said...

Keep writing, and speaking your heart. Shine on, be the beautiful ray of light that you are my precious friend. I love you.

Journal of Healing said...

Too bad someone tried to regulate what you share. You have a right to share what you wanna share and when. If they are wanting something different, perhaps they should not read. Here's what I am learning, even in this very moment as I was just journaling and struggling through elements of my own story...I have spent too long trying to rationalize what happened and trying to convince myself that maybe I am just making mountains out of molehills with my past. The more I share, the more I get it OUT, the more evidence I have to point back to in moments like today when I want to curl up into a ball and convince all of me that I am just attention-seeking and negative. But, that is me. I guess I am saying...SAY what you have to get get it out to make space for light, healing, and renewal. The day may come one day when it is all positive. Maybe not. And, who gets to define positive, anyway? You get to determine who gets a vote in that. IN fact, in all of your journey. I think your blog is in my top five of favorites because of it's honesty, intensity and transparency. As you say often on my your corner.

hugs and blessings your way. ang

rcubes said...

I'm glad that you are opening up and giving your own experiences a voice. Many needs to hear. Especially the ones who needs to so they can be encouraged and know that they are not worthless. That they, too have the right to voice out their own concerns. It's not easy but I know by God's grace, you are doing it now. God bless and have a great weekend.

Andrea said...

Through tears and joy, you bring healing to many people. GOD has given you a written voice. Please continue to speak HIS truth to all those who come here.

Hugs, love, and prayers,

PS: NO ONE, but GOD should regulate what you write!! Remember: ONLY GOD!!

Susan said...

Keep telling. You have a message that needs to be heard. You CERTAINLY have the right to be heard.

Dulce said...

Oh my dear- I cannot imagine what you must have been going through. Isn't it great we have this catharsis? this liberation in Blogland?
Oh yes, go on... let it all out
You are such a sweet heart...

PS: Thanks a lot for your last comment and suggestion.I will. But the very fact that you think I am good enough as to give it a try is the best prize to me ;)

Paula said...

Sarah, I am in your corner. I silenced myself for far to long. I feel such a relief since I spoke up years ago. Yes, honey, keep posting the positive. Love you

Prayer Girl said...

I am with you all the way. Speak your truth. Speak what is on your mind and heart. Listen to that still small voice that speaks to you. We are listening. We are identifying. IT IS GOOD!


Kristen Torres-Toro said...

It's important to speak the truth. Knowing and speaking the truth leads to freedom. Secrets and abuse happen in silence. It's important to have a forum and a safe place to share your heart.

Deb said...

Your voice. Your story. Your pain and suffering.

Your healing.

Your hope.

Your Savior.

Your right to tell.

Sweet dreams.

Margie said...

I am so glad you feel this way!
Keep sharing your story, Sarah.
The truth sets us free!

You are so full of courage and I admire you!


Being Me said...

I admire your courage .. no matter how big or small the abuse, all women should find the courage to stand up for themselves.

You will encourage that with your story.


Finally Free said...

So happy you found your voice....

Mary Moss said...

I am so glad you "found" your voice! God is using it many powerful ways to not only heal you, but to minister to His world.

Bless you for your courage and obedience.

Keep telling it!


Lily said...

All of it belongs to YOU. What you do with your voice, your story, your thoughts and your emotions is between you and God. Keep speaking. We are all here to listen. Blessings, Sarah.

Mumsy said...

Dear Sarah,

I'm glad you come by my site, and leave a comment..I'm glad to have found your blog...

I'm sorry that someone asked you to do differently, it's not right.

This is your space, you go ahead tell your story, the way it is, exactly how you feel it..I too, suffer from abuse, but was told it was just in my imagination..

So go on, write it! It seems that you have many supporters here in the comment section already. If you could just touch one person, it is good enough..You've touched me with your courage to tell!

Epiphany said...

You have an award my friend. xx

Colleen said...

I did the same thing. I went to a lawyer. We did the right thing, Sarah.

Colleen said...

One more thing I didn't say. I think when people do not want us to talk about the pain, it is because they cannot deal with it for whatever reason. Pray for them but know in your heart, you have to tell the story. It helps to bring light to those who are sitting in the dark.

Patricia Singleton said...

It is your story and you have the right to tell it. If it disturbs someone else, maybe they have issues of their own that they need to look at. The way to freedom from the pain is in telling your story and feeling your pain. You have the courage to do both. Don't let someone else stop you. You deserve to be heard. We all do.