Tuesday, June 16, 2009


"The right time to eat is: for a rich man when he is hungry, for a poor man when he has something to eat." Mexican Proverb

There was a time in my life I had little money, no power and few material things. I remember a friend introducing me to "spam." Not the internet spam. This was supposed to be food. I'm still not convinced it really was. It came in a rectangle tin can with a little key that opened it. Inside was a thick chunk of processed meat. It was so gross. My friend used to fry it, throw spices over it and he actually liked it. Me? It made me want to puke. The only thing I liked about spam was that little key.

I looked up spam on google and some of the meanings it gave were; Some Piece of Alien Material or Some Pink Aged Meat or Specially Prepared Awful Meat. I don't know what spam is but I don't ever want to eat it again.

Survival. - I did crazy things to survive. Like eating spam.

We are in the process of moving. It's a great house on the lakeshore in a beautiful neighbourhood and within a five minute walk to wooded trails.

I am completely overcome with all God has given me. He really is a Father to the fatherless. Since the first time He touched me,
I have always felt the power of His gentleness. He has never pushed me into anything. He waits until I'm ready. I used to be so angry, wild and out of control. Sometimes I still feel that way inside especially when I'm afraid, but even in those times He's there. He understands.

I went running in the woods yesterday and found a baby deer - lying dead, it's face peaceful and still. It reminded me of innocent kids being abused and hurt for no reason. It reminded me of me as a child, shamed and hurt and rejected. I wanted to touch that deer, hold it and bring it back to life. Like God did for me. He gave me life when I had nothing, - when I was lost, when I was almost dead. Now I owe Him my life.


Debbie Thorkildsen said...

SPAM Hahahahaha. Yuck

May God continue to send the gentle stream of still waters to calm your fears.

Love the music.

Terri Tiffany said...

I always get such a great feeling when I read how well you are doing:)) Congrats on the move to a new house! It sounds awesome:)

Epiphany said...

Oh my goodness Spam is revolting! LOL!

On the other hand, your house sounds fantastic!!

Just Be Real said...

New house, new beginning. Congratulations on your new move. Would bring a house warming gift, but don't know where ya live! :)


Cecelia Dowdy said...

Hi, Sarah! Thanks for visiting my blog! I wish you well with your writing journey!
~Cecelia Dowdy~
Christian Fiction Author

Denise said...

Your words touch me deeply, thank you.