Monday, November 16, 2009

New York

"Being black does not stop you.You can sit out in the world and say, “Well, white people kept me back, and I can’t do this.” Not so.You can have anything you want if you make up your mind and you want it." Clara Mcbride Hale
New York - lights, broadway, shops - people - crowds of them - everywhere.  New York - a city rich in stories....We had the oppurtunity to go this past weekend. The kids were thrilled. I was overwhelmed. Gazzilion people everywhere - excitment like electricity in the air - 

Seeing all those people made me wonder how God can keep track of all of us...And I don't like crowds. I'm also not into shopping - I went for the kids. My oldest had wanted to go for a long time. Two things made the trip worth it for me. ...Visiting Mother Hale House in Harlem. Since my girls were little, I've told them about Mother Clara Hale. This single mother of two took in aids affected and drug addicted babies born to the prostitutes in Harlem. She set up mirrors around her house and would stand the children in front of them and say, 'you see that little black body - that is the most precious, most beautiful gift God created.....' Mother Hale did this when aids was considered like leporsy and she did it without government help. Many of those children who survived went on to university.

On the last evening we strolled down 5th Avenue where the weatlhiest shops are. We came across a woman sitting against a pole amidst the bustling shoppers, begging. I wanted to reach out to her, to make a difference in her world, but my kids were with me and they have no idea what I lived. I did talk with her though - and made her  smile -

Driving home from New York, I thought about Mother Hale and that beggar on the street. I thought about why I decided to tell my story.....If I would have had a copy of my book with me, I would have given it to that young woman - for her to know - her life is valuable, her life is a gift. I wrote my story for her.

I know what's it's like to live as a beggar in the world - taking life's crumbs. I lived believing I had no right to exist, no right to be in the world - accepting what my parents told me - that I was garbage, worthless - letting professionals define me with their labels and the sick perverted people who used me for their own purposes characterize my worthlessness - I never knew I had any worth.  I didn't know He made me a gift - I didn't know I had value and purpose. I spent a long time not knowing, not getting it. I let others define me - but then He touched me. I still don't know how He did it - But somehow He showed me - I had worth - that I had lived in decpetion, trusting in lies.

He let me live - Somehow he kept me - didn't let me die in the darkness. I live with tremendous gratitude. I still struggle in areas, but I'm not where I was. I want my life to give hope, to show truth - to make a difference so others living their lives in deception will come to know the truth about who they really are -


Susan Deborah said...

Sarah: It is by grace and love that we are alive and happy. I am so touched by Mother Hale's life and living. She inspires all of us so much.

When the situations are worse don't look at them, look unto God who is bigger than any mountain of problems.

Much love, courage and passion,

Mary said...

Jesus weeps at your abuse, Jesus rejoices at your healing!

Sarah where can I purchase your book??

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

I believe you are doing that, Sarah--giving hope and showing truth! Happy book week to you!

Margie said...

Sarah, you are such an inspiration!
You really are!

Blessings to you!


RCUBEs said...

Our brokenness, weaknesses, failures....God turns into wholesomeness, strength and victories...Just like what He did in your life...and mine...God bless you sister and yes, you are making that difference! To God be the glory! "Stay strong"... :)

Andrea said...

HE allowed you to live so that others might live and live life more abundantly. Never forget this truth.

Sweet friend, keep putting one foot in front of the other. He created you AWESOME. Do not allow anyone or anything to tell you differently.

Love, hugs, and prayers, andrea

nannykim said...

I hadn't heard the mother Hale story--thanks for sharing that!

Susan said...

Sarah, your posts always touch me deeply.
I have found myself reaching out to the homeless and hopeless when I can, because I still see myself in them... it always tugs on my heart, and like you, I can't just walk away.
I may not have the exact same story as each of them, but I recognize that dull desperation in their eyes. That was me.
So glad you are a living example of hope. So glad our paths crossed. So glad you are sharing that hope...

Just Be Real said...

Sarah, another touching from the heart post from you. You have touched me dearly and deeply. ((((Sarah))))

Denise said...

My heart is touched warmly by you, thank you.

Prayer Girl said...

When God touches a life it is powerful and miraculous.

I thank God your life was touched in that way.


Being Me said...

God created each of us for a purpose, to lead others along the way.. perhaps you have found yours.
God Bless you Sarah

speck of dust said...

Thanks for telling us about mother Clara I had never heard of her. What a lovely story. I think many people fear homeless people and that is why they avoid them. I used to hate crowds (and was agoraphobic and socially phobic) until I realised all those people in the crowd are just like me, have the same emotions, have worries, disappointments, losses, and are all striving for happiness. I now feel comfortable in crowds, love it even. Though am still happy in the wilderness :)

Finally Free said...

Your posts touch my heart so deeply. It is like God uses them to encourage me in my ministry somehow. Just when I need some encouragement.

I want to be like Mother Hale. I pray that God would use me to touch others like she did. To break through the darkness of the lies of this world.

Blessings and Hugs Dear Sarah,

Paula said...

I didnt know about Mother Clara and I am so moved by her heart. Yepp, you have such a spirit and such a will to live - awesome. Love xx

Terri Tiffany said...

I'm glad you made it to NY--I've gone a few times but don't like the crowds either. ANd I never heard of that woman--how wonderful she was:)

Tracy said...

Mother Clara Hale really is an inspiration.

Do you realize that you too are an inspriation? It's a blessing to read how God is using you, and how your book is being published. I look forward to reading more about how He's using you in the future.

Being Me said...

A flower Award to pass on to you on my blog, hope you'll pass it on.
Keep smiling,

De Lly Dilettante said...

Hi. I would like you to know that I have passed on an award to you for your very helpful blog. You can find it 'here'.
Thanks for your inspirations :D

Donetta said...

I have a little gift for you over at a Life Restored Blog.

Peter Stone said...

What an encouraging post, showing your thoughts as you spoke to that lady, and reflecting on how God showed you how much He values and treasures you. Thanks for sharing about Mother Clara too.

Deborah Ann said...

I love New York. How awesome that you took your kids to Mother Hale's. She sounds like Mother Theresa. Those little black bodies ARE precious and beautiful. What a blessing that those children learned at an early age how much God loves them!

Rose said...

I nearly fell off my chair when reading this. My husband encountered a "Mother Hale" when he was younger. She changed his life because of her Christian witness. I don't know if it is the same woman but I was so surprised seeing the name. Amazing how God touches lives and weaves others in and out our lives who have just the right word for us. May God continue to heal your heart and let you know how truly special you are in his Kingdom. God bless you.

prashant said...

od bless you sister and yes, you are making that difference! To God be the glory! "Stay strong"... :)

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