Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Shoes

"The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings." Lewis Carroll 

It was that time buy my youngest new shoes. At the store...she picked out a pair she liked...put them on...and walked around the aisles. Up one....down another. Then she took off running to the front of the store....turned around....and ran back to where I waited. 

Her face beamed. Her eyes glistened. She loved them. We went to pay. She refused to take the shoes off. Instead...she handed me her old ones. Walking back into the mall.... she kept her eyes on her shoes. I told her to look up or she would walk into a wall....she didn't care. She jumped and danced and stared at her feet. 

A few times....overcome with joy over the new shoes, she threw her arms around my neck and gave me a squishy hug. 

The funniest thing....the shoes are reeboks...they're nothing overly special. Runners. Simple white runners with purple stripes. Not even light up ones. But to my youngest they're new and shiny and the best. 

There's something about 'new.'  To means change. For the last few months.....I've been wanting a change.....something different.... something new.....something exciting and fascinating.....that holds me...keeps me centred and my daughter with her new shoes....

Translated.....I need a goal...something to work towards....and that holds my attention. Without a goal...I feel something's missing. Maybe this angst inside is telling me there's something around the corner...I got to trust...I got to believe.


Crown of Beauty said...

Oh yes, I know that feeling you described about the new shoes. My kids did that all the time, and so did I, so did my husband Ernie. There's something about N-E-W.

My new grandson came out last Saturday. But there was a sense of anxiety at the start - he was not well ...had neonatal pneumonia. Like the enemy wanted to steal our joy. And he did, for a son was discouraged, but I held on to the newness of life...

And now, I am expecting something new and wonderful when he gets discharged from the natal ICU this weekend.

I just loved this post. Yes, something new, and wonderful is about to come into your life!


NOS said...

What a cute story about your daughter! In fact, I didn't even know you have a daughter! She sounds absolutely adorable. And it's clear she loves you.

Having a goal is always helpful. I feel like sometimes without them we tend to just... exist. Which isn't very pleasant. That's one of the reasons I like knitting and crocheting. It's a project and it's very rewarding when it's finished. Do you think you'd like something like that?

Wishing you well,

Shelley said...

Great post! I enjoyed reading about the joy of new shoes! I guess this is one of life's many little pleasures! :)

Just_because_today said...

My daughter used to wear her new shoes to bed and wake up to put them on when I had removed them.

we need new goals...when I was sick I ran everyday painfully and slow and promised myself I would run a marathon in the name of God. I honestly think that goal got me through it. Find yourself a goal

RCUBEs said...

How cute and awesome that your daughter loved her new shoes. It may not mean anything to some, but to her, it is a prized possession...Something new like what you said!

I pray that He will give you His gift of discernment so you will discover that "new" door of opportunity...Yes, it always feels like there is something missing...but He is faithful and true to His promises of filling our cups to the full...until they overflow...God bless you sister.

Lily said...

I remember getting new shoes! It was so exciting!!!

The ability for kids to live so in the moment is something I am continuously jealous of and wish I could have back. I'm so glad your girls are such amazing reminders of the joy of being a kid!

Paula said...

Yes, this innocent, pure deep felt joy of your daughter is not what comes easy to us! Lately however I felt moments of innocence and heartfelt joy.

Terri Tiffany said...

I too know this feeling--have it quite often and if I follow it, it is usually something awesome! Go for it!

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

:) :) {My first thought- I thought the youngest was a boy of 10! Am I getting the babies messed up in my head?}

Sarah, I've missed you, somehow. It feels so long since I last talked with you. I'm mad, aren't I? Hmm.

I'm blessing you with "new" in my thoughts! :) Muah!

Deborah Ann said...

I think just the thought about needing a goal will lead to one. Often times God stirs up our empty hearts to first recognize the emptiness, and then He brings something new and pretty and shiny...with purple stripes. Love you girl!

Recovering Church Lady said...

What a perfect story to illustrate your season of change. It may be time to ask the Father, "What is my next assignment?"
That is the same theme my hubby and I discussed today. Feeling ready for "New" can mean it's time to ask that question?

abitosunshine said...

We adults need to learn the lesson of finding pure joy in the simplest of things. Your daughter can teach us.

I understand your need for a goal, something to work toward, I have that same tug at my spirit these days.

Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!

Sharon Kirby said...

Around the corner...just ahead...the Lord is planning a new thing.

I feel it coming, Sarah - I truly do. The Lord is on the move - He will lead you into something deeper still...

He will lead you closer to Him!


p.s. Loved the story about the shoes! I so remember that feeling!

Being Me said...

I can understand this restlessness. Sometimes it is about something to come but sometimes it is about us doing that something for change.

God is always guiding... have faith.

Finally Free said...

Coming by to give you a hug...


Julie Musil said...

I love the visual with your daughter. There's just nothing like a new pair of shoes. All three of my boys need them too. Ouch!

It's fun to think that there's something out there for have faith, and I'm sure you'll know what "it" is when you stumble upon it.

MTJ said...

Hi Sarah,

There is something refreshing about the new. We can experience joy, exhilaration, and pleasure. We can also face anxiety, doubt and fear with the new. I think my attitude shapes how I perceive the new. This is an area where we ought to learn from children.

I know what you mean about wanting a change. I tend to order my thinking. What is it I want to change most?

You impress me as someone who has a clear focus. If you need a goal, I'm sure you will soon realize it. As you say, "I got to trust...I got to believe." Be patient, it will come to you.

Blessings and peace.


Chary Johnson said...

As I was reading your post, I couldn't help but smile. My kids are the same, anything new and they take off running with it.

I also understand that angsty feeling of waiting. I drives me insane. However, hold on . . . you just may be right about change and something coming around the corner.

Take care,

Wanda's Wings said...

You inspire me so much. Continue to share and give of yourself. That means so much to those of us that struggle with everyday life. You are a gift from God. You will find what you are looking for.

Paula said...

Thinking of you. Passing on some love. Thanks for being who you are!

Mya said...

and why the sea is boiling hot
and whether pigs have wings

a favorite of mind

Autumn is the season that makes me want to make candles, complete tha final harvest, gather the materials to make 'hearthside crafts.' The problem - I do not know how to make candles, my garden has no vegetables, and I am not very crafty. But the urge, the desire is there. Sometimes I wonder if this is not part of our DNA - the preparing for winter.
Though doing any of that would be new for me, it is not so much the newness as it is the purpose.

If we listen, perhaps every season encourages us in setting particular goals. Depending on where you live you might have to be very serious in getting ready for winter, and in the spring we want to open the windows, let the air and sun in, take deep breaths of the fresh air, and even do a little 'spring cleaning.'

I think your feeling of needing a goal is true for us all, regardless of what motivates that drive.

I can picture your little girl caught up with the excitement of new shoes. I bet you were every bit as happy to see her so free to express herself.