Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hunger and love

You've got to have something to eat and a little love in your life before you can hold still for anybody's sermon on how to behave.  Billie Holiday 

She was an amazing blues singer. A black woman who wowed audiences. Raped at ten and then again in her teens, Billie never dealt with her issues.....never learned she didn't deserve what happened. Her singing....full of passion...full of soul - she poured her pain into every song......connecting with audiences that kept them coming back for more.  

But Billie couldn't put the dope down. It held her a prisoner to the past...even though she used it to forget. It became a doubled edged sword...not doing what she needed. And in the end it brought her down....took her life......killed her.  

Billie Holiday knew.....professionals...preachers telling you how you should act...and live...what you should do.....and if you don't...something wasn't wrong with the message....something was wrong with you. 

I heard that all the time. I was told I didn't want help if I didn't do what 'they' said. But when you're hungry...starving....and your soul is growling to be filled.....not for food....but for a touch of can't hear nothing. Words become meaningless....empty. And like listening to a dripping faucet....over time they just becomes annoying. 

Touched by love....feeling safe.....being accepted has greater power than any words.  I had a radio interview yesterday. When asked what made the difference in turning my life around - I knew - the touch of His made a that that never forced me to be or do anything. A gentle and accepting love that met me right where I the the the shame. 

Love had the power to do what no amount of words could. It was like cortisone for my soul....a healing ointment...that removed the infection, the pain and eventually even the scars.

His love made the difference. It gave me what nothing else did. It became an anchor to hold onto and fight back.


Karen said...

Oh, such a beautiful testimony! This line says it all...

"love made a difference"

Praising Him for loving me and making a difference....

Annie said...

Amen to Him. Blessings. Annie

Anonymous said...


"Such a little thing, but the difference it made was great."

This quote reminds me of your testimony. Love may seem like a "little thing," but it can mean the difference between life and death with a person who is hurting.

-L. Rose

valerie said...

One can not know true unconditional love until they have come into a one on one relationship with Christ. His love is like no other. You have experienced this awesome love for yourself and know how it feels. I pray that through your writings others will come to feel this love as well.

Love you my sweet Sarah!

Susan said...

It's true, Sarah, what you said about love. Love can make all the difference in the world. Love, mixed with prayer, can move mountains. Susan

Chatty Crone said...

I didn't know about Billy Holiday. So many painful pasts - Thank God for God and his miracles. Blessed Easter.

L O V E -

Anonymous said...

You're right-- love is so important and can make all the difference in the world. That's part of the reason I am thankful for my dog-- she loves me unconditionally and expresses it freely. So I guess the love can come from many sources. As long as it's there.

Wishing you well,

Sharon Kirby said...

Oh, how beautifully said. Billie's story is such a sad one. How I praise God that His love reached you!

Congrats on the interview - sounds like it went great.

And yes, His love is the only thing that heals - His scars cover ours...


Vilisi@islandmusings said...

Love never fails. It is we who fail to love.

Surprised By Joy! said...

Thanks for the reminder..

When I see others hurting, His Love flowing through me by the power of the Holy Spirit is what will transform their lives. :)

The power of His Love is indescribable!


elizabeth said...

Beautiful, honest words Sarah. God is really using you to help others. Isn't He amazing how He delivers us and then makes us deliverers?

Barb said...

Hello Sarah,
what you say is very empowering.God's love truly can be life changing..
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Just_because_today said...

sad for those that can not find the way.
You know it's hard, Sarah. You heard the message, you felt the love as you say, others don't. It's sad.

Crown of Beauty said...

Love that reached down to the broken places of our hearts... making no demands, only pouring healing love... giving, until the wounds were healed, and all the hardness melted...

Such love indeed!

I felt so sad at the story of Billie.

But I am so glad you are not in that place where Billie was - but ou have moved on.

Have a lovely Resurrection Sunday.


Sheila Deeth said...

Wow! What a beautiful post to find on Good Friday.

Mya said...

When Billie sang she sounded as if she were crying inside, and I guess she was. I wonder if she had any real friends.

Radio interview? Can we learn more about this? Sounds interesting and exciting.

Deborah said...

I liked this!! Love does have the power to do what no amount of words could.

Patrina's Pencil said...

Love this part -

"love that that never forced me to be or do anything. A gentle and accepting love that met me right where I the the the shame. "

Didn't know all of this about Billie Holiday - Sad life indeed. So joyful that God's love waited for you - and met you right where you were. You are a blessing to many dark souls. Thanks for living in the present.

Patrina <")>><