Friday, April 15, 2011


"Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, it is the only time we have. "Art Buchwald 

Sometimes life hits hard....wallops with tough stuff....stuff that seems too huge to overcome. 

In the was abuse...kidnap, rape...addictions...even professionals and the system. I got so caught up in what had happened....I couldn't focus on anything else. Images kept playing in my head...holding me back from  living in the moment.

Being  present...I couldn't do in the past. I can now. And I will be present...even if it's uncomfortable....I won't run. I won't hide. I'll stay....just like He stayed.....

His presence....becoming my strength 
His presence - becoming my hope 
His  presence becoming an anchor to hold onto. 
Maybe if I stay.....I can be an anchor for someone else to hold onto. 

Staying....being present is hard. Something in me wants to bury my head...not look...not see...pretend it's not real...that it's not happening. 

Being present feels awkward....uncomfortable....I often don't know what to say....or do..... but I'm learning....being still.....allowing the silence....brings healing. It's not words that are's presence.....

The hard thing for me now is watching friends get sick...or hurt.  I can't help them. I can just be present....try to make them laugh....let them know....I'm in their corner....believing for do the thing they're fighting so hard for. Watching them struggle....seeing their pain.....hurts me. I want to take away the awfulness....I can't. I can only be present.

Staying present....being in the moment.....not concept......a move towards living my best life...


~dawn said...

I think of sll of the days lost because I was not 'in the moment ' but, rather, avoiding it.

I'm strengthened today by learning ways to go "through" what is in front of me!

It would certainly appear that you are as well,

Paula said...

I feel you do the best you can. No one can expect more of you. Particularly not you self!!!! Learning to detach with love is a hard thing to do. Yet the most beneficial for both sides involved. Love and hugs to you

Anonymous said...

I can be an anchor for someone else to hold onto.
those are neat words, I find that when someone else is hurting all my problems go away for a bit because I want to help them.
I like your view on this post.
my love to you and I hope you have a GREAT weekend.

MTJ said...

Hi Sarah,

So often, I've felt inadequate when it comes to saying words to someone going through sickness or hurt. Perhaps it's because I recognize that I'm powerless to change the circumstances in their life.

I like this concept of being present; there is a quality of assurance for me in being present. A belief that says, "No matter what, I'm here with you."

So even when my words fail me, my presence is there; even if it's in silence. Whether it is holding a hand, sharing a smile, or sharing a glance with our eyes....I am present.

Blessings and peace.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for present with me, Sarah, through the sickness. (((Sarah)))

It means alot. :)


Mya said...

You are doing everything you can, and because of your own experiences I am sure it means alot to those with whom you come in contact.

Anonymous said...


It is hard to be in the present, especially when we look back at our past and see some of the unfortunate events that have happened in our lives that we wish we could "redo" again, but of course, we cannot.

It's also hard to watch others suffer - wanting to help them and reach out to them, but not being able to release their pain.

I don't think that you are the only one who struggles with being present, Sarah. I think we all do, in our own personal way.


-L. Rose

Anonymous said...

Staying present is so difficult! For me I'm not sure which I spend more time thinking about-- the future or the past. I would probably say the future because I'm always worried that something bad will happen. But I think you're right-- staying in the moment has so many rewards, and it's definitely something to aspire to.

Wishing you well,

Crown of Beauty said...

Being truly present... being in the moment... those are things I learned and understood years ago when I went through the one month Life Revision retreat in Rasa, Switzerland, a tiny village where in the Swiss Alps where such retreats were being held. It was so life changing for me to begin living that way...

Embracing life, not running away... being still. Letting the words of His story blend with my own story...

And now reading about your response to what you have gone through...

It's awesome, how God brings new ways of healing our wounds. Amazing.


Sharon Kirby said...

Sometimes (most times) the best present is just the presence of another person - who allows the silence and brings needed healing.

I am grateful for your presence in my life, and for the words you always share here. They consistently bless my heart and soul.

BLESSINGS to you - and I join you in moving toward living my best life!

Julie Musil said...

Your posts are always so thought-provoking. I'm amazed at your journey, and how you've come through it all with your head high, and your gift of helping others.

Chatty Crone said...

"Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, it is the only time we have. "Art Buchwald

I love that quote.

And i think you are right. We can't live in the past or the present. We only have today.

And if we aren't here in it - we will miss living!

And we wouldn't want to do that - would we?

Susan said...

Love that thought--the importance of living in the present. I heard that today is a gift, that's why they call it "present." I like that. Take care and have a great weekend, one moment at a time. Susan

Patti Hanan said...

Being present in the moment is such an important spiritual lesson. I think of the verse, "Be still and know that I am God." We need to be present in the moment to feel his presence. Also, just being present for a hurting friend is often the most important thing we can do for them. Thank you for your inspiring words!

lori said...

Great quote and post. I need to learn to be present, too. Some days I do better than others :)

Esther Joy said...

Presence - it's the greatest gift you can give!

Patricia Singleton said...

Beautiful words of recovery and faith. Thanks for sharing them. I posted them on Facebook and Twitter.

Dean Corso said...

Stopping by to say hello, and honor your strength dear Sarah.
God Bless

♥~Judy~♥ said...

I spoke to a woman last week who confessed to me that her mother's boyfriend had shattered both her knee caps with a baseball bat when she was just 7. We were talking about a mutual friend who just had a knee replacement. The woman I spoke to has had 4 beginning with a double one at 7. How can our hearts not bleed for the pain inflicted on our brothers and sisters? Is it too little to ask that we listen, comfort, and pray? Would God want us to do any less?

God bless you for your wonderful words. Take care!

Just_because_today said...

you have to be present in order to leave the past behind. Keep moving forward.
Your friends when they hurt get what they need the most, the hand of a person who is with them, in their corner, that's all we can ever hope for.

Deb said...

I like that you're present, Nikki.

Struggle with that sometimes too.

You inspire me.

Sweet dreams.

Deborah said...

Hi Sarah, Happy Easter! I hope you had a nice day. I love this post. It reminds all of us to be in the present and I have to learn that too. That is great advise.
Thank you...

Patrina's Pencil said...

AMEN! Good advice - one step at a time

Patrina <")>><