Tuesday, May 24, 2011


"Nothing is worth more than this day" Goethe 

Yesterday while out driving we passed a really bad accident. Two cars....one jumped a red light and hit another one head on. Ambulances....firemen....police. Red lights flashing......crowds gathered...everyone horrified at the scene that had unfolded in a blink of an eye. 

A couple of weeks ago.....a friend called. Her sister had been rushed to the hospital. I went to see her. We talked....laughed....everything seemed fine. She got hit with pneumonia.....a week later.....she died.

Life - it's pretty fragile and unpredictable. I never thought about it before. I was too focused on fighting to survive.  But now....

All I know for sure...is that I have today....right now.....this moment. And for all those times I thought about ending my life.....Now I want each day to count....to be with my family....to watch my kids grow....to be outside....and smell the sweet smell of life in the air...and look up in the sky....and trust and know there's a purpose for each one of us. 

I've changed. Everything in me wants to live fully....to wake up...to know it's another day to kick back and breathe in life......

It's so crazy.....at one time.....I balanced on a thin thread hovering between life and death - not convinced life held any meaning other than pain and fear. Not anymore. Now......I wake up and can't wait to start the day. I love getting outside...in the fresh air....feeling the wind in my hair....hearing His whisper in my heart.....listening to my heartsong and knowing I really want to live....each day.....as if its my last.....to the fullest....giving my best.  I want to make up for all those lost years. 

And I want others to feel what I feel.....that peace inside...and joy that sometimes feels like it gonna spill over. And on the dark days....the days I'm too tired...the days that aren't going the best......I want to write....and remember.....I have  today......to make a difference....and live my best life.


Just Be Real said...

What a great reminder Sarah. Yes, today is all we have for now. And that is not always guaranteed. Thank you for sharing. Blessings and hugs to you!

mother4justice said...

I am so pleased for you, you give me hope for my children.

Finding Pam said...

Sarah, this is a beautiful post. I am glad that life makes sense and that you choose to live for the moment.

Life is at best fragile, for we never know if it will be our last day. I love your strength.

Chatty Crone said...

You have the most beautiful feelings going on - thanks for reminding us - to live today - it is all we have! Enjoy... look for the good.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder whether life is as fleeting as some people believe. I guess I just think about the times when I've tried to end my life an failed-- my body was resilient and sometimes I hate it for that.

I really admire you and envy your happiness. Waking up feeling excited for the day? That's just so foreign to me.

Keep on doing what you're doing. It's amazing.

Wishing you well,

Grace said...

I dont yet feel that peace or hope most of the time. But I will say this: since being diagnosed with cancer, I do think back to all of those nights, months, years, when I sought out self-injury and suicide and I wonder why - and I also wonder if 'the cancer' is supposed to be a wake up call for me. I don't know...
Life is indeed fragile.

Paula said...

Love this post. But then you know me to know I would love it and nod my head along the lines.
Love from my heart to yours!

Anonymous said...


As we go about each day, I think we sometimes forget that our lives can end at any moment. I mean, who wants to dwell upon that anyway?

Still, this post helped me to remember that life is precious, and that we should not take it for granted, even on those difficult and trying days when we think we can't take another step.

Thanks for the encouraging reminder.


-L. Rose

Starry Dawn said...

Dear Sarah,
You've got a great inspirational post in here. You touch people's hearts worldwide with your deep wisdom. Thank you for sharing this awesome thought provoking issue!!
Life is so precious, and we only have today, for tomorrow is not promised. Yesterday is past history. We ought to make the very best of this day, as if it were the last. God bless you, Sarah dear, and all those beloved ones!!
You are an amazing lady.
I enjoy reading your super blog.
Love in Christ,
Poet Starry. (Thank you for your kind visits!! I appreciate them.)

DivineMistyM said...

I know what you mean. I quite often find myself staring into the pit of despair wondering where it all went wrong. That's why I blog, it's how I heal myself. I have people who are there for me even when biological family isn't. Thank you for sharing yourself and your thoughts with all of us today. They are truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
While I am going through this hard time, your posts remind me of how I used to feel and that I will be there again. Thanks. :)


The Blog Writer said...

" I want to make up for all those lost years. And I want others to feel what I feel."

You got to me with those lines. I feel the exact same thing each day, every day. Cheers to you and I!

Anonymous said...

some people may be put here to remind us of how important life we have, while we have it is so important.
I am so glad you see how special you REALLY are. let this be the BEGINING OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!
Start from scratch my friend.

Just_because_today said...

that is really a great approach to the present. To remember we have today to make a difference.
I know how life can change in a blink of an eye, mine did.
I have to remember what you just taught me, that I have today to make a difference

Pain to Purpose said...

I caught the end of an interview of Sheila Walsh on Betty and James Robinson's program last week. She was saying that so many of us are just holding on until Jesus comes. (I nodded along, saying 'this is totally me right now') but then she quoted the John 10:10 scripture about how God has come to bring abundant life. Then I got to thinking sometimes we get wrapped up in what 'abundance' is supposed to mean...like riches or something. I think your post is a great reminder that life can really be abundant, right here right now if we chose to look on the blessings.

Have a good week!

Lori Laws said...

So sorry about your friend's sister. I love the song "Lifesong" by the Casting Crowns. The lyrics sum it all up...

"I want to sign your name at the end of this day, knowing that my hearts' been true. Let my life song sing to you!"

It's refreshing reading your words! Blessings!

Karen said...

Such a great hope-filled message...every day is truly a gift...

And BTW...your joy spills over in your writing....

valerie said...

Life for today, don't worry about tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised. These are the words in which I live by. Life is to short not to live our lives in victory, peace, joy and happiness. Live life to the fullest. Let nothing and no one take away your joy, peace and victory! I love you and I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Yet, it is another reminder that tomorrow is not promised to us. Keep your faith my sweet friend!

Sharon said...

This was the most beautiful post. Your sharing was so inspirational - it gave me joy. Life is very short - and we are wise to remember that. I was reminded of the words in Psalms 90 (NLT):

"Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom."

This is the day we are given - I'm with you, rejoicing and being glad in it!


Crown of Beauty said...

Your joy was contagious, Nikki. I have been feeling down the past days - some things cannot be openly blogged about. So you don't know how much this post has done for me. So glad that you words are gentle reminders of each day being lived to the fullest and giving our best.

Yes, live your best love today.


Patrina's Pencil said...


You bless me so much with your words...here, at my place and around blogvilla. It's evidence of a meek heart. A transformed life. I just thank God for His creation in you. For rescuing you, healing you and using you to inspire us us to just breathe!

So sad about your friend's sister. That's a hard one. So unexpected. mama's death was that way. Sure makes ya think about things, doesn't it?

May we live in today - while opportunity knocks...and give it up as tomorrow closes the door on yesterday...leaving us the present to unwrap again.

Patrina <")>><

Patrina's Pencil said...

Just ran across this scripture on another blog....wanted to share.

"I shall not die, but live and tell of the works of the Lord" -- Psalm 118:17

I choose LIFE!

Patrina <")>><

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